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Harley-Davidson® motorcycles are powerful beasts to behold, as they eat up asphalt and spit out speeds unrivaled by any other motorcycle. But your bike is your own investment, your own life. You've spent the time, sweat, and energy to not just have a commuter that transports you from place to place, but to ride off into adventure. Sometimes riders look to spice things up with better performance, stylized designs, and improved efficiency for a ride more fitting for their riding lifestyle. So when you're on the hunt for motorcycle accessories that can top the Harley-Davidson® experience, check out the top-of-the-line motorcycle customizations at High Country Harley-Davidson®. Our motorcycle mechanics can outfit your hog with the latest Harley upgrades so you can remain at the top of the food chain. You can trust our specialists as they're trained and passionate about Harley® bikes. You won't find anywhere better to upgrade or fix your Harley®.

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Service Department  (720) 881-3677 

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Service Department  (720) 881-3677 



Your Harley muscles through the full brunt of the road so you can ride comfortably and flash the bold attitude it takes to be a true Harley rider. But that mileage adds up and before your bike gets pushed past the point of exhaustion, you should check in with High Country Harley-Davidson® for reliable motorcycle maintenance. Regular check-ups and tune-ups are the difference between revving freely down the interstate or sitting disheartened with a bike that refuses to start. Visit us today for expert motorcycle service where our diagnostics check and examination can save your Harley from trouble down the road. Your bike has given you the road so it's time to give back and have our team perform Harley® maintenance on your hot rod. 

"While You Wait" Service

At High Country Harley-Davidson®, no appointments are necessary. You don't have to skim through a repair shop's schedule and squeeze in some time for an inspection. Your availability is our flexibility; we'll work off your schedule instead of you having to bend over backward for ours. Walk-ins are welcome so drop off your bike, kick up your feet, and lounge around as we devoutly work on your motorcycle.

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There's no better feeling than hopping on your hot rod and roaring off onto the road, leaving a trail of red, white, and blue in your wake. However, sometimes the asphalt lashes out and your beloved Harley® is left banged and bruised. You want your trusted sidekick back up and running quickly instead of sitting stripped down in a shop or stranded in the shoulder lane. Yet finding a reliable motorcycle repair shop that promises quality service from expert Harley mechanics is more challenging a task than some realize. Luckily, being a Harley® owner, you're known for making good choices when it comes to riding. So deciding on High Country Harley-Davidson® as your motorcycle service shop is the right pick for fast and efficient damage control. Our professional motorcycle repair not only cleans up surface damage but digs in to find any other potential issues.

Many have entrusted their broken and beat down bike into our hands, and all rode away more than happy with their experience. Listen to what one of our customers has said about our service department and see why so many bikers choose us as the one-stop Harley repair shop.

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Service Department  (720) 881-3677 

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Free Pick-Up and Delivery

Free Pick-Up and Delivery with your service at High Country Harley-Davidson® .

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