A Guide To The Harley Davidson H-D® Certified Pre-Owned Program

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Nothing beats the feeling of the open road beneath you, the rumble of an engine in your ears, and the endless horizon ahead. It's a call to freedom, an escape from the mundane, and a path to unforgettable adventures. This is the essence of motorcycle riding, and among these two-wheeled explorers, the Harley Davidson certified pre-owned bike stands as a symbol of enduring spirit and timeless adventure.

When you choose a Harley Davidson Pre-Owned Motorcycle, you're not just buying a bike; you're inheriting a legacy of the open road. At High Country Harley-Davidson® Frederick, we understand this legacy.

Our pre-owned Harleys pass a detailed inspection to ensure they meet the high standards of performance and reliability expected by their riders. Each motorcycle's story is ready to be continued with you at the helm, offering a blend of history and performance that is unique to Harley Davidson.

Understand the Benefits of Choosing H-D Certified Pre-Owned Motorcycles

Selecting a certified pre-owned Harley Davidson has many advantages. Paramount among these is the promise of reliability. Each motorcycle in this line survives a detailed inspection aimed at ensuring the bike's longevity and ride quality.

Moreover, owning a Harley has always been about joining an extended family of riders who appreciate the unique blend of power, style, and tradition that these machines embody. Purchasing a CPO Harley brings you into this fold and does so at a price that speaks to many riders.

Buying from an authorized dealer means you can trust in their professionalism and Harley Davidson expertise. The Harley Davidson name is a symbol of quality and timeless appeal, and this extends into their CPO programs.

Inspect the Comprehensive 110-Point Quality Assurance Checklist

The confidence you can have in a CPO Harley comes in large part from the exhaustive 110-point quality assurance inspection. This in-depth process scrutinizes every significant aspect of the motorcycle, from the engine's performance and condition of the tires to brake systems and fluid levels.

Harley's detailed examination ensures that every single component and system meets strenuous standards, offering you the trust that your ride will perform to its optimal capacity. This assurance checklist builds your confidence and affirms the program's commitment to quality.

Learn About the Limited Warranty Coverage for H-D Certified Bikes

Certified pre-owned Harleys come with an added layer of reassurance in the form of a 12-month limited warranty. This warranty covers various key systems and components, much like what you would expect with a brand-new Harley.

Knowing that you are protected should you encounter any hiccups provides a sense of security and peace. You can depend on authorized service centers to handle any covered repairs, meaning that expert care is just a call away without the burden of unforeseen repair costs.

Consider the Available Financing Options for Certified Pre-Owned Harleys

Harley Davidson understands that acquiring a motorcycle is a significant decision. That's why they have a series of financing options for their certified pre-owned motorcycles. These plans, available through official dealers, offer flexibility and take into account varying budget constraints.

If buying your dream motorcycle outright is a worry, these financing plans can ease your way to ownership over a spread-out timeframe. This distinctive feature of the CPO program opens the iconic Harley Davidson riding experience to a wider audience.

Harley Davidson Bikes Colorado: Ride the Rockies

There's no better way to experience Colorado's breathtaking landscapes and winding roads than on a Harley Davidson Bike. High Country Harley-Davidson® Frederick offers a fleet of bikes that are perfect for tackling the Rockies.

Whether you're cruising through mountain passes or exploring scenic highways, our Harley Davidson bikes provide unmatched ride quality and an unforgettable experience that connects you with the heart and soul of Colorado.

Start your Harley Davidson adventure today—your bike is waiting.